Australian Intercultural Team

In 2024, we launch a new team, our ‘Australian Intercultural Team’. This team brings together our long-term ministry in Outback Australia among First Nations people and our emerging work among intercultural communities in urban and regional Australia. The new work includes ministry among Muslim women, international students and Khmer communities in New South Wales.


People group: Vietnamese Population: 82 million Main religions: Folk Religion and Buddhism Our team in Vietnam serves through a local organisation that exists to equip, empower and enable marginalised young people with disabilities to work and live independently. They also support an emerging faith community as well as vulnerable mothers and disadvantaged children.


People group: Khmer Population: 14 million Main religion: Buddhism Our team in Cambodia lives daily life alongside their Khmer friends, engaging with cultural and community events and celebrations. They serve the community through supporting local schools, offering therapy for children with disabilities, mentoring young people and discipling Khmer believers.


People group: Yawo Population: 330,000 Main religion: Islam Our Mozambique team is lives life alongside their Yawo friends, journeying with them through challenges, hardships and joys. Our team looks for opportunities to share God’s love in practical ways and is meeting with many groups to explore God’s Word.

South East Asia

People groups: Various Population: 50 million Main religion: Islam Our team in South East Asia passionately engages with local people, right where they. Through education, community development and social enterprises, our team’s ministry is making a holistic difference in people’s lives.


People group: Ethnic Thai Population: 57 million Main religion: Buddhism Our team is journeying alongside local faith communities, equipping Ethnic Thai faith leaders and reaching out in friendship to others in their community. Everyday is an opportunity for our team to build relationships and share God’s love through word and deed.

South Asia

People group: B people Population: 165 million Main religion: Islam In South Asia, our team serves through our partner organisation whose vision is to empower the poorest of the poor through education and training. Our team also disciples local believers as they explore the message of Jesus.


People group: Yawo Population: 2.5 million Main religion: Islam Our team in Malawi lives among the Yawo, responding to the physical, emotional and spiritual need of the community. We praise God that there are growing faith communities and emerging faith leaders among the Yawo.

Silk Road Area

People group: K people Population: 14 million Main religion: Islam The K people are warm and hospitable and are tightly connected to their family and community.