Prayer Aeroplanes

Baptist Mission Australia sends out intercultural workers all across the world! You can pray for these intercultural workers who fly around the globe to tell others about Jesus in ways that make sense to them. A great way to remember to pray for these people is to create a Prayer Aeroplane!   Resources needed A4 […]


Baptist Mission Australia sends out intercultural workers across the world. You can discover these countries by playing a game of animal sculptionary!   Resources needed Playdough (or other modelling clay)   Activity Explain that one person will be told a secret animal. They have 60 seconds to sculpt this animal out of playdough while others […]

Hands and Feet of Jesus

We can help others by being the ‘hands and feet’ of Jesus. When Jesus was on this earth He served the poor, healed the sick, prayed for others and told everyone about God. At Baptist Mission Australia, we send out workers to be the ‘hands and feet’ of Jesus so everyone can know about Him […]

Five Finger Prayer

This five finger prayer is adapted from the method made popular by Pope Francis. This simple prayer method is perfect for kids and acts as a visual aid that helps us remember who to pray for. It is especially helpful for kinaesthetic learners who need to learn through touch and movement. Our hands and fingers […]