Verse Prayers

Praying using Bible passages is a wonderful way to connect with the themes, priorities and heart of God.   Resources needed Enough copies of Bible verses (see suggestions below) for everyone in the congregation.   Activity Print or photocopy each of the passages and cut out. Give a passage to each person as they enter […]

Treasure Hunt Prayer

This is a fun way to get people with the same heart and with a particular focus to move into a more intimate group for specific prayer. It is also a great way to educate people on the nature of various least-reached people groups.   Resources needed Paper and a pen for each person Prayer […]

The Lord’s Prayer

Resources needed Bible: Mark 6:9-13   Activity Using the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples, you can pray for Baptist Mission Australia intercultural workers or a specific worker who you know. Read the Lord’s Prayer line by line (bold), pausing after each phrase to allow open prayer; let the italic words form the basis for […]

Share A Meal

For many cultural groups, the meal table is the central place of social gathering and sharing. There are rituals, traditions, and special foods that have significance. By eating and experiencing a Asian or African meal together you can gain an understanding of the culture of one of the least-reached people groups. You could go to […]

Sensing God

Pray for mission, prompted by touch, smell, sight, sound and taste.   Resources needed Clay, scented candle, lamps, Bibles, bread   Activity Set up stations with various items and information, inviting people to reflect and pray. Touch: Use the clay to represent candidates being moulded for intercultural mission. Pray that God would be growing and […]

Prayer Walking

At Baptist Mission Australia, we encourage short-term mission exposure teams to prayer walk when overseas so they can be involved in what God is doing in the area. Prayer walking is not just the practice of enjoying personal communion with God while walking, it is intentional intercessory prayer for others. It is praying in the […]

Prayer Trees

Coming together to pray as a community and putting action and images to those prayers can be very powerful. Creating a prayer tree is a wonderful way to unite in prayer for the least-reached and can become a lasting reminder of your community’s commitment.   Resources needed Prayer points and information on least-reached people groups […]

Prayer Stones

People of all cultures, languages and religions throughout history have drawn deep symbolic meaning from the humble stone. The Bible refers to fascinating stories that involve stones – from Moses striking the rock for water, to Paul referring to Jesus as the spiritual rock of the church. Today stones are often understood as a symbol […]

Prayer Spaces

​It is common practice in western culture to pray out loud in groups, one at a time. However in other cultures prayer can take on a very different look. Prayer stations are a great opportunity for people to step out of their comfort zone and practice praying in a different way. Participants can move around […]

Prayer of Thanksgiving

This prayer is all about giving thanks! Thank God that He is moving mountains, building His Kingdom and reconciling people to Him, through faith in Jesus Thank God for new followers of Jesus, for their freedom and eternal life Thank God for all who serve interculturally, for their faith-filled response and commitment to serving among […]