Water of Life

Water is of great significance not just in the Bible, but also in our daily lives both in Australia and all around the world. Water is essential for all living beings, including plants and animals. Water represents life, refreshment, fertility and birth. In the Bible, there are many references to water, such as Jesus turning […]

The Lord’s Prayer

Resources needed Bible: Mark 6:9-13   Activity Using the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples, you can pray for Baptist Mission Australia intercultural workers or a specific worker who you know. Read the Lord’s Prayer line by line (bold), pausing after each phrase to allow open prayer; let the italic words form the basis for […]

Sensing God

Pray for mission, prompted by touch, smell, sight, sound and taste.   Resources needed Clay, scented candle, lamps, Bibles, bread   Activity Set up stations with various items and information, inviting people to reflect and pray. Touch: Use the clay to represent candidates being moulded for intercultural mission. Pray that God would be growing and […]


A starting point in intercultural dialogue is to put ourselves in the ‘sandals’ of the other. Our intercultural teams seek to understand their local friend’s worldview and beliefs, demonstrating respect and genuine care. In turn, they also share their faith and stories of Jesus. This method of prayer identifies points of connection with people of […]

Prayer Trees

Coming together to pray as a community and putting action and images to those prayers can be very powerful. Creating a prayer tree is a wonderful way to unite in prayer for the least-reached and can become a lasting reminder of your community’s commitment.   Resources needed Prayer points and information on least-reached people groups […]

Prayer Stones

People of all cultures, languages and religions throughout history have drawn deep symbolic meaning from the humble stone. The Bible refers to fascinating stories that involve stones – from Moses striking the rock for water, to Paul referring to Jesus as the spiritual rock of the church. Today stones are often understood as a symbol […]

Prayer Spaces

​It is common practice in western culture to pray out loud in groups, one at a time. However in other cultures prayer can take on a very different look. Prayer stations are a great opportunity for people to step out of their comfort zone and practice praying in a different way. Participants can move around […]

Prayer Flags

The use of prayer flags is a Buddhist tradition where prayers and symbols are written on colourful pieces of material and tied outside homes for the wind to take the prayers, messages and thoughts across the country. For many Buddhists, prayer flags are a simple way of ‘making merit’, earning the blessing of Buddha. As […]

Prayer Beads

In many faith traditions, prayer beads are used as a tactile tool for prayer. Wearing the beads reminds people to pray regularly for a particular issue.   Resources needed Prayer points and information on least-reached people groups (www.globalinteraction.org.au/just-prayer) String to thread beads Nine different coloured beads to represent the nine least-reached people groups with enough […]

Names of God

There is power in a name. Throughout recorded history, names of God have been revealed to the prophets of various cultures across the world. God’s names can provide us with a small glimpse into His character and His heart. The following are a few examples of the numerous names given in the Old and New […]