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1/2/22 – We praise God that these Ethnic Thai believers are actively and faithfully ministering within their own communities and the faith communities are growing. Thank you for your ongoing prayer and financial partnership, your support is invaluable to this ministry.

As Ethnic Thai faith communities grow, our team continues to journey alongside them.

The local faith communities are the fruit of many years of your prayers and partnership, as well as the faithful work of our team members. Thank you!

Partnering with this project supports the growth and equipping of faith communities in rural areas of Thailand.

Your partnership funds the resources our team use and distribute as they provide contextual discipleship, regular ministry training and family events to ensure leaders and local believers are supported in their faith journeys.

Our team and the faith communities also cherish the mutual times of fellowship.

Through this project, Ethnic Thai believers are strengthened and equipped to share the good news of Jesus with their families and friends. To encourage believers to grow and mature in faith, new resources are regularly developed to provide meaningful Gospel tools for rural communities that often have very limited literacy.

These include contextualised stories and materials as well as the use of MP3 players for auditory discipleship and teaching. Leaders are being supported as their capacities increase, local believers are hearing the Word of God in their language in a way they can understand, and together these faith communities are sharing the good news of Jesus with their families, friends and neighbours.

Funding for this project covers:

Monthly discipleship and ministry training
Practical resources and networking
Family camp for the Ethnic Thai communities of faith
Regional travel for emerging and current leaders
A small stipend for leaders who attend the ministry training days to honour their time commitment away from family and regular work responsibilities
Training for intercultural workers to grow in their ministry capacity as they come alongside faith communities

Through their day-to-day life, Jean-Claude and Joyce are engaging with people wholistically, responding to their spiritual and physical needs.

It is Jan and Jit’s desire to see each person develop as an individual,
learn new skills and move towards their potential for interdependent
and independent living.

Through this work they seek to partner with churches to see the
Christian community develop a sense of responsibility towards those
in need in their communities.

This project covers the costs of running disability group activities
in rural areas, the purchase of specialised equipment to improve
quality of life and provide the needs of the team travelling and
empowering people with disabilities in this Thai/Myanmar border

This project provides key resources for Ethnic Thai faith communities as they continue to multiply in rural areas of Thailand.

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