May Mission Month


Across the Mending! podcast series, host Susan Campbell (Baptist Mission Australia Associate Executive Director) talks to people around the world who are joining with God in mending a beautiful, broken world. Be inspired and encouraged!

Key themes


In this conversation, Luke and Belle share what it means for them to live in step with the Spirit and how God is growing the fruits of Spirit in them. They also share about their journey of discernment which has led them to step into a new ministry space, partnering with another organisation in Thailand and working alongside young Thai entrepreneurs.

Listen for an honest and encouraging conversation.


Belle and Luke, Thailand


Throughout the episode, Simon and Dave share what they are learning about building authentic relationships, loving people and sharing the good news in ways that makes sense. In particular, they draw from their experiences with the local staff at the Education Foundation – a ministry where God is at work!

Dave and Simon’s humility, heart for God’s Kingdom to grow and love for people shines through this conversation. Be encouraged!


Dave and Simon, South East Asia


In this episode, Lisa and Jimmy share engaging stories and reflections on what sharing the whole Gospel means for them in their ministry contexts – one in a community on the other side of the world where our partner organisation responds to the great needs of the poor, and the other in a suburban Australian church who is seeking to reach out to those on the margins in their community.

This is an uplifting conversation with two guests who are passionate about joining with our mending God in His restorative vision for the world.


Lisa, South Asia and Jimmy, Queensland


As Mal and Chris explore the theme of responding, they share the journey of invitation into mission and ministry that God has led them on over the past decades. They reflect on God’s faithfulness and kindness, and the opportunities He has opened up to them as they have said “yes” to His leading. (But as they share in the conversation… it hasn’t always been a “yes”!)


Chris and Mal, Outback Australia


Missioning is Baptist Mission Australia’s podcast. Through the podcast we hear stories from diverse global and local mission contexts and grapple with big issues of mission, life and faith.