May Mission Month


The Mending! Youth Resource is a collection of four 30+ minute interactive activities connected to the four key Mending! themes. They are designed to be integrated into a fuller Youth session or as part of a Sunday service.

To extend the sessions or explore the Mending! themes in your small groups, run the activity alongside questions, explorations and prayers in the May Mission Month Pastor’s and Leaders Guide.

Leader’s Guide

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Print onto A4 paper and fold it in half to make an A5 booklet.

A big thanks to Nathan Reid, Paul (Australian Intercultural Team), Andrew Duncan and Teagan Dwyer-Riviere for writing this Youth Leader’s Guide.

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How to use the study guide

This Mending! Youth Resource has been designed as four youth group activity sessions, which correlate to the four key themes of the Mending! series – renewing, relating, restoring and responding.

Through these activities, youth will be encouraged to lift their eyes to what God is doing both globally and locally.

Key themes

You can print the PDFs below for each of the four themes.

If this is an issue for your group due to access or cost, please let us know. Baptist Mission Australia can print all the elements and mail them to you.


Activity: Prayer walk (30 min)

This activity is about engaging youth in the idea that being a co-mender starts with being in step with God’s Spirit. In Galatians 5, we discover that as we are renewed daily by the Holy Spirit, we can learn to live, look and love more like Jesus.


Galatians 5:13-22


Theme 1: Renewing activity


Activity: Intercultural Conversations (30-45 min)

This activity is about engaging youth in the idea that Jesus’ example of mission is one of proximity and authentic relationships. This activity will give youth a small taste of what building relationships across cultures is like.


Matthew 4:18–22


Theme 2: Relating Activity


Activity: Serve your Community (30 min – 2 hrs)

This activity is about engaging youth in a service-oriented activity that embodies the concept of restoration as outlined in Luke 4:14–21, emphasising the holistic nature of the Gospel and its impact on the local community.


Luke 4:14–21


Theme 3: Restoring Activity


Activity: Sticky Note Wall (30-40 min)

This activity is about engaging youth in the idea that they can make themselves available to respond to God’s call wherever they are. John 1:35-42 highlights the importance of being ready to act when God calls, we don’t have to do this alone, like Andrew, we can bring our community with us.


John 1:35–42


Theme 4: Responding Activity

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