God’s Word changes hearts

5 January 2023

Tim shares a story of the power of God’s Word.


I was out in a village with one of the faith communities. My mate Waindi, one of the local leaders, was teaching from Matthew 5. He was talking about being angry. Waindi was sharing from the passage that if you bear a grudge against your neighbour, it will cause problems when you come before God.

And right then and there, the village chief stood up and said, “Baba stop there.” Then he pointed to two women and said, “See these two sisters, they have been fighting for years and they need to do something after this teaching.”

And then it just erupted! One of the women was having a shot at her sister, the other woman started talking back. We didn’t know where it was going to go! But in the end there was repentance, confession and an exchange of apologies.

What we witnessed was God’s Word being heard by someone and it cutting so deep that it changed their heart. And that’s now one of the testimonies of that village – that grudges that are carried for years can be changed, because God’s Word changes people’s hearts.

Malawi – God’s Word changes hearts
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