How did I get here?

9 September 2022

Hi! I’m Ngoc and I serve with Baptist Mission Australia in Indochina with my husband Mark and our young daughter Maia.


Here are six keys moments in my story of call.



I became a Christian at 30 years old. I thought this was just a personal, quiet decision that wouldn’t change my life much. I thought I would just pray to Jesus instead of Buddha and go to church more often now. Little did I know that in three years, my life would be completely changed!

I was able to get a new job and pay off my debts, and my relationships with my friends and family became more intentional and meaningful. Then, God gave me a new purpose and called me to the mission field.



I was born in Indochina but grew up in Houston, Texas and had a Buddhist upbringing. In 2016, I went back to Indochina on a mission trip. I felt unequipped and like the new kid on the block. I wasn’t sure if I should even go since I was a new believer. How could I share the good news when I was just learning about it myself?

That’s when I realised that God uses my life experiences to be His hands and feet. My experience of growing up in a strict Indochinese Buddhist family and then coming to Christ, is a testimony to others. I don’t have to know everything about the Bible to share about God’s love and how He transformed my life.



In 2017, my Dad passed away. At first I didn’t want to feel anything but sadness and anything about God made me cry. I got on my knees and asked, “Why? Why now?” I was just starting to get to know my Dad again. I cried out to God but I wasn’t ready to listen.

Finally, after a few months, I decided I was ready to listen to God. I also remembered that my Dad had always wanted me to know more about my people and heritage. So I began to research and I found that the Indochinese have endured so much and are very resilient. Their culture is rich and beautiful, but they are missing the hand of God in their lives.

What my Dad encouraged me to do and what God was saying to me came together – I was being called to reach out to people in Indochina. That’s how I can empower the people of my heritage.



Mark and I met on the first short-term mission trip I went on. As God’s call to serve in Indochina became clearer for each of us, we decided to live His call out together. We got married in 2019, prepared to serve and were on location by January 2020… just before COVID hit!

As newlyweds, we were stuck inside an apartment for four weeks. It was challenging and we were limited in the ministry we could do. We connected with believers online who supported and encouraged us.

Later in 2020, we began ministry initiatives and built some strong relationships. We were starting to see fruit.



In 2021, Mark’s mentor, Hoa (Peter), sadly passed away. We had both spent time volunteering at the organisation Hoa established in Indochina that works with people with disability. After he passed away, we were asked to take over running the organisation.

While we were honoured to be asked, we were sad to have to leave our city in the north. We knew we would have to move to the south of the country in order to serve through the organisation. We were disappointed to leave the friends we had just made and the ministries we had started.

However, after lots of praying, we sensed the Holy Spirit guiding us down south. We know that our ‘labour in the Lord is not in vain’. 1 Corinthians 15:58



As we made this decision, we found out I was pregnant. Despite our best preparation, COVID lockdowns had us unexpectedly stuck between the north and south cities for four months. We finally made it to our destination with just enough time to find an apartment and a hospital to give birth at!

Here we are today – working at the organisation with a baby in tow. Only God could have orchestrated and timed this journey for us to be here right now. Praise the Lord!

How did I get here – Ngoc
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