Mel’s Journey of Call

20 August 2021

I was an unwitting and oblivious passenger at the beginning of my journey towards long-term intercultural work.


I started following Jesus in late high school, but by then I had decided what my life would look like. I knew what career I would have, where I would live and what my family would look like.

After a few years of following Jesus and a couple of years into what I had chosen as my lifelong career, I started to wrestle with the verse in Luke 9:23, of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. What it means to deny myself, take up my cross and follow Him.

As I was wrestling with these questions, I went on a short-term trip with my local church. God used this trip to open my eyes to His world, and I returned with a nudging from God to look deeper into His heart and story of mission.

I spent time searching the Bible and chatting with pastors, mentors and mission organisations. What I discovered was that 40% of the world’s population can go from birth to death without hearing the Gospel in a way that makes sense to them.

The reality that billions of people don’t know someone who can tell them about the life transforming love of Jesus, broke my heart. And if I didn’t go, there were people who would never hear the good news of Jesus.

What started as a fun two-week overseas trip with friends, turned out to be the catalyst for the greatest adventure I could never have dreamed up myself!


Mel is preparing to join the Global Interaction team in the Silk Road Area. Hear more of her story ​and partner with her:

Silk Road Area – full feature
Resonate 37

Silk Road Area – Mel’s Journey of Call
Resonate 37

How God is taking Mel from being a police officer to sharing Jesus on the Silk Road.

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