Movement in Malawi

5 January 2023

There’s a new locally-led initiative in Malawi and our team is journeying alongside them. Tim and Melanie share the news.


There’s no way to fast track history.

The work in Malawi has a long history. By now deep relationships have been established in many villages. Over years of ministry, local faith communities have emerged and Yawo leaders are discipling local believers.

These leaders have joined together to form a committee so they can make decisions in unity and with autonomy. From this committee a local not-for-profit company named Cipula Camwenya Ltd has been formed.

This is the next phase of ministry to enable the local people to join together through income generating initiatives, discipleship programs, children and youth groups, training and other activities.

This faith-based company holds the vision to empower communities to follow their own distinctive ways of following Jesus. They seek to empower believers to be free from poverty, free from dependency on hand-outs and able to share Jesus in a culturally appropriate way.

The Malawi team are partnering in this initiative. They are teaching, training, encouraging and Kingdom building. The local believers are taking the lead and we stand beside them.

We are now looking for other people with specific skills to join the team in Malawi on a short-term basis. The vision is to share Jesus’ love, use our skills and do life together with the local Yawo team.

We embrace the Cipula Camwenye Project. It is a locally-led initiative that empowers believers to fund their own projects, their own ministries and create businesses that actually work.

The Cipula Camwenye Project has finished phase one of constructing a community centre and a locally run Nursery School has moved in. We are excited about what this centre will create in the local community. We are looking towards phase two, setting up a coffee shop.

Today, Tim is up the mountain with a group of ten believers having a prayer day. They are asking God to give them direction for the year ahead, planning for the faith community and encouraging each other with accountability and honesty. Please pray for this group of leaders and the faith communities they work in.

It’s wonderful to share this update with you. Thank you for your faithful partnership with this ministry over so many years.


Want to get involved?
There are opportunities to support the team and the locally-led initiative through short-term placements. Contact the Baptist Mission Australia team to see how you can join with what God is doing in Malawi.

Malawi – Movement in Malawi
Resonate 40

Tim and Melanie have been passionately serving among the Yawo of Malawi since 2008. They share God’s Word, equip local faith leaders, facilitate an adult education program and more.

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