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16 December 2021

When it comes to young people and mission, our time is now.


What does mission look like to you? That’s the question I asked a group of wonderful, inspiring young people, and it’s an important question for us all to answer. What does mission mean for you in this season? Are your heart strings tugging for people around the world, or in your direct neighbourhood? How are you sharing Jesus in your everyday?

Working for Global Interaction has opened my eyes to the ways we can learn from those who are serving globally as we engage with our community locally. It has also given me the incredible opportunity to connect with young people and hear their stories, questions, struggles and hopes. Our young people are not only our future, they are our present as well.

I have just finished up my role as Next Generation Specialist at Global Interaction, but if I could say one thing to Australian churches (and parents), it would be this: Listen to your young people, invest in their formation and value what they can do now.

Oh, and model mission well!

I want to be a faithful witness and live a life that shows Jesus in who I am and what I do. For me, this looks like intentionally engaging with my actual neighbours, connecting with the other school parents, mentoring young adults and being attentive to where God is already at work in those around me.


Q: What does mission look like to you?


It looks like meeting people where they are at, in that moment. Accepting and loving people, as they are. No matter what – whether they are laughing, crying, or taking their frustration out on you.”
Maigen, 25, Generations Pastor


“Mission to me looks like loving my neighbour. Not only my real next-door neighbour, but also those I meet at the shops, people I work with, local community, family and friends. It looks like asking questions and having the time to listen to their replies.
Allira, 20, University student


“On the basketball court, I try to be a difference by building relationships with my team and helping them see how God has changed my life.”
Tarquin, 14, High School student


“Currently I spend every weekday at University with the same group of people, none of whom are following Jesus (yet). Mission currently looks like being intentional with the people that God has placed in my life. Intentionally praying for them, building deeper relationships, taking the time to hear their stories, and weaving the Gospel into conversations.”
Ashlee, 23, University student


Sharing our love with others, telling people about the good news of Jesus and telling them how great our God is by sharing our experiences.”
Diana, 24, University student


“Mission to me is about the world we live in daily and being Jesus for others to see. It is about being the love in the world that we know Jesus has for us and everyone else. We have a responsibility to be different in a good way and be a living example of Jesus’ love.”
Callum, 29, Primary School Teacher

Next Generations Now
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Sulari Nielsen is passionate about journeying with young people as they explore how God is growing, shaping and leading them.

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