Sharing God’s Love

16 December 2021

Three places. Three examples. One core belief: That nothing matters more than sharing God’s love for the world.


Petina | Thailand

English is considered a vital skill here in Thailand. Although taught in schools, most students in Thai Government schools do not have the opportunity to practice real world English.

I am privileged to be able to help stand in the gap for many of the students I teach. Teaching at school means I can give students the opportunity to learn from a native English speaker which enhances their employment opportunities. By fulfilling this need I am helping to share God’s love with those who may never have heard it in a way that makes sense to them. As I am not following a set curriculum, I am able to use Bible Stories as teaching resources. My heart is to share the love of God through word and deed with my students.


Max and Ezzie | South East Asia

It’s our joy to share God’s love with our friends and neighbours here. We visit them, especially during times of sickness or grief, and during festive or ceremonial occasions. Through this, we show that we genuinely care. Recently, we visited a friend’s mum after she had a fall. We could see her joy and gladness which gave us the opportunity to share in some spiritual conversations.

When one of our friends lost his parents and grandmother within two months of each other, he was devastated. We invited him to our home, comforted him, prayed with him and shared about the living hope we have in Christ. We share life with our friends and neighbours, loving them and asking the Holy Spirit for opportunities to share about Jesus.


Tobias | Mozambique

I get to spend each day working with a group of Yawo men and women translating the Bible. This project is all about sharing God’s love as we work to give people access to His Word in their heart language. However, as we work on the translation, there’s also many opportunities to chat about God and His love. Just recently, we had a multi-hour discussion about what it means to be made in the image of God. Is it something to do with love maybe?

I also travel out of our town regularly to meet with members from the community to check the translation. A couple of months after we started working there, the headperson of the village had a stroke and one day, I wandered over to his house to sat with him. I was able to pray with him for healing and for his wife who cares for him. I know God loves this man and I tried to show that to him by my presence and asking the God of love to be with him.

Sharing God’s love
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