Crossing the Street 4: Being the Good News Together

28 April 2022

In this final episode of the Crossing the Street podcast series, Jodie welcomes guests Chris MacCartney and Vivian to explore the theme of ‘Being the Good News Together’. Chris is a Mission Mobiliser at Baptist Mission Australia and Vivian is the Team Leader of our Outback Australia team.

This conversation delves into what the good news is, how we can ‘be’ it and why God calls us to work together in sharing it. Jodie, Vivian and Chris also explore the familiar story of the Good Samaritan through the lens of partnership.

It’s a rich discussion from three people who have experienced the challenges and joys of ministry partnership for decades. Listen for honest stories, reflections and insights.

Watch the full episode:

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Thanks for joining us for the Crossing the Street series. Missioning will be back with another series in the coming months.

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