Luke and Belle

Serving in Thailand

Luke and Belle, along with their sons Salem (born 2014), Judah (born 2018) and Isaiah (born 2019), serve among the Ethnic Thai of Thailand.

They spend their time in culture and language lessons, forming friendships with those around them, teaching English and participating in everyday Thai life. Through all this, they seek to share the love of Jesus through their words and actions.

Belle is teaching English at a local college and has a passion to disciple women and see them reach their full potential in Christ. Luke brings a variety of skills to the team, including working with youth and children, artistic abilities in animation and music and his natural knack for silly dad-jokes. He has a growing passion to bear God’s light amongst the art community of Chiang Rai. Salem plays soccer and likes to build with Lego, Judah enjoys drawing and telling stories and Isaiah likes to climb and make people laugh. Their family continues to be passionate about God’s heart to heal and deliver His people through the power of prayer.

As Luke and Belle build relationships within the Ethnic Thai community and seek to share the hope they have in Jesus, pray that many will open their hearts to Him and be transformed.

Through their day-to-day life, Jean-Claude and Joyce are engaging with people wholistically, responding to their spiritual and physical needs.

Jean-Claude and Joyce share a passionate love for God and people and desire to see the Yawo follow Jesus within their cultural context. They are building relationships with their Yawo neighbours and investing in their culture and language learning with a local language nurturer so they can effectively communicate with their Yawo friends.

They are grateful for the prayers and financial support they receive as they actively seek to build meaningful relationships amongst the Yawo and see communities transformed as they follow Jesus in ways that make sense to them.

Ministry projects in Thailand

Learn about how God is using Belle, Luke and the team in Thailand through these life transforming projects.

Partner with Luke and Belle and share the good news of Jesus in Thailand.

Your gifts will help fund their living and ministry costs. These include:
Children’s Education $3,000
Health $2,000
Travel $10,000
Culture and Language learning $5,000

Please note:
Gifts to Jean-Claude and Joyce are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

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