Tristan and Megan

Serving in Cambodia

Tristan and Megan have faithfully and obediently responded to God’s call and in 2018 began serving in Cambodia among the Khmer.

They are delighted to be raising their children Zechariah, Samuel and Hannah in a culture that is different from their own, encouraging them to develop their own relationship with Jesus.

Tristan has a desire to see young people acquire practical industry skills that will lead to employment. Since 2021, Tristan has been working with Khmer men, teaching them steel fabrication. He has equipped them in understanding measurement and design, planning and different welding techniques.

Megan has a passion for improving the health and wellbeing of those with limited resources and opportunities. Megan has partnered with another ministry project in Siem Reap, teaching health and wellbeing to ladies from a poor village just outside the town. She also loves to nurture deep relationships with the people around her, encouraging meaningful conversations about life, culture, and spiritual matters.

Tristan, Megan and the children are passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus and seeing Khmer people following Jesus in their own distinctive ways.

Through their day-to-day life, Jean-Claude and Joyce are engaging with people wholistically, responding to their spiritual and physical needs.

Jean-Claude and Joyce share a passionate love for God and people and desire to see the Yawo follow Jesus within their cultural context. They are building relationships with their Yawo neighbours and investing in their culture and language learning with a local language nurturer so they can effectively communicate with their Yawo friends.

They are grateful for the prayers and financial support they receive as they actively seek to build meaningful relationships amongst the Yawo and see communities transformed as they follow Jesus in ways that make sense to them.

Ministry projects in Cambodia

Learn about how God is using Megan, Tristan and the team in Cambodia through these life transforming projects.

Partner with Tristan and Megan and share the good news of Jesus in Cambodia.

Your gifts will help fund their living and ministry costs. These include:
Children’s Education $3,000
Health $2,000
Travel $10,000
Culture and Language learning $5,000

Please note:
Gifts to Jean-Claude and Joyce are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

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