Help raise funds for Baptist Mission Australia through stamps!

930 kg

new and used stamps
received through donations


raised annually for life
transforming missions work

How it works

Send us your stamps
Collect your used stamps and send them to us. We receive stamps and albums from businesses, individuals and churches.
Volunteers sort and sell
Volunteers from our Stamp Committee sort the stamps and then sell them, raising up to $75/kg. Occasionally, they also buy older mint stamps from auctions, or accept generous donations from supporters, and sell these for a profit.
Buy our unused mint stamps
You can buy the unused mint stamps from us. All proceeds go straight back to support the ministry of Baptist Mission Australia.
Sold to collectors
The used stamps are sold to stamp dealers and collectors by our wonderful volunteers from the Stamp Committee. Recent stamp issues are highly sought after.

Send us your stamps

Save your stamps

Collect envelopes with stamps affixed. Both used stamps with postmarks and stamps without any postmarks are acceptable.

Trim and sort them

Trimming and sorting the stamps is optional, but it saves us a lot of work!

Trim the envelopes with a 6mm border around the stamp edges.

Stamps which are on extra special envelopes don’t need to be trimmed. Please send us whole envelopes.

Large batches of stamps can be sorted into envelopes or small ziplock bags. Australian stamps can be sorted by denomination (monetary value) and overseas stamps sorted by country.

Send them to us

Drop off or post your stamps to your local Baptist Mission Australia State Office.

Or you can contact your state stamp representative for other drop off locations (see Our Stamp Committee section below).

Buy unused stamps

You can buy stamps from us at face value, while raising funds for our missions work.

Where do these stamps come from?

Sometimes unused mint stamps are donated to us. We sell them for postage to individuals, churches and businesses. We can make up to 50-100% profit when we sell stamps this way.

You can purchase:

Small packs of postage stamps at face value

Plain-faced DL envelopes with $1.50 postage stamp affixed – $1.50 each

Window-faced DL envelopes with $1.50 postage stamp affixed – $1.50 each

Other envelope sizes are also available

All proceeds go straight back to support the ministry of Baptist Mission Australia. Small and large orders are welcome. Thank you!

How can you purchase the stamps?

Please contact Bryan Laurens via telephone on
(07) 3846 7212 or via email

Our stamp committee

There is a team of wonderful volunteers in our Stamp Committee serving in each state.

They collect bags of stamps from different businesses and individuals. They work hard at trimming the stamps and sorting them. They also help with selling the stamps.

The generous and hard work of all our volunteers means that our operating costs are virtually nil and the huge profit can go to the work of Baptist Mission Australia.

If you are interested in volunteering, email us at or your state representative listed below:

Bryan Laurens
07 3846 7212

Ron Roberts
0466 303 868

Jill Ashdown
0439 354 899


Barry Ingram

Trevor Bridges

Promotional material

These A4 colour posters can be printed and displayed at your church, community group or work noticeboard. The A5 colour flyers can be handed out to your friends.

You can add your contact details on the white space on the poster, so you can collect stamps on behalf of the state offices. Thank you!


Interested in fundraising?

Contact us to find out how you can be involved.