Population: 2.9 million
Main religion: Christianity

Partnering with Baptist associations in Papua, building on strong long-term relationships and exploring new shared ministry opportunities.

Papua is home to a complex array of tribal groups whose traditions span thousands of years. There are approximately 255 indigenous groups in Papua alone, including some groups who remain uncontacted. The country abounds in dense forests, roads are scarce and often movement between towns requires travel by air or water.

Baptist Mission Australia has been serving among the people of Papua for over 60 years. There is a deep desire in the Papua church to see more local, practical theologians who hold fast to God’s Word and take their context seriously.

Baptist Mission Australia’s role is to walk beside the leadership of Papua. We’re encouraged to be discerning new ways we can collaborate and support mission alongside Baptist associations in Papua. We’re building on strong long-term relationships and look forward to new ways we can stand alongside Papuan believers and churches and support their integral mission vision.

The Fellowship of the Baptist Churches of Papua is a dynamic and passionate union of over 300 churches.

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