Crossing the Street

Bible study

Key video

This short film has been created as the entry point for the Crossing the Street theme. It can be used as part of a sermon, as a standalone video or as a small group resource.

What is it about?

Crossing the Street tracks the daily lives of three followers of Jesus in Thailand and Australia. They live in different contexts and are at different stages of life. However, they are all followers of Jesus who are following Him across the street.

Because that’s how Jesus lived His life on Earth! He went out of His way to embody the good news and meet people where they were.

In ordinary – but transformative – ways, Liz, Jan and Danny are crossing the street with the hope of Jesus.

And so are our Baptist Mission Australia teams, all around the world! Your partnership means they can keep crossing streets and seeing people meet Jesus in ways that makes sense to them.

Special thanks

Thank you to everyone who made this short film possible: Nithya, Liz, Glenn, Jesse, Pam, Ruth, Stinoj, Dilo, Janice, Peter, Sherena, Edwin, Shaolui, Vanessa, Zhong, Ziliong, Weihong, Rob, Sue, Isaac, Teagan, Scott, Lena and Phil.

Extra special thanks to Baptist Financial Services Australia LTD (BFS) for sponsoring this video.

The Crossing the Street video has been produced by Thick Black Frames.