​How did I get here?

16 December 2021

Kate is on her way to South East Asia! Here she tracks six key moments in her discernment and preparation.



Ever since I was a child, I had a love for languages and cultures. I wanted to be fluent in another language and, with a family connection to South East Asia, I started learning the language at school and continued at university, including a year of study in South East Asia in 2011-2012. I can see how even from a young age, God was preparing me to serve in South East Asia.



Foundations for faith had been established when I was child, and in 2009, when I moved to Melbourne for university, I came to know Jesus personally. I lived in a church-run student house and, at a time of upheaval in my family life, I recognised the nearness and love of God.



I initially didn’t see the need to tell people about Jesus, thinking that each was to their own. But around 2013, a friend challenged me on that with John 14:6. They said that if I believe Jesus tells the truth, I need to believe His statement that ‘no-one comes to the Father except through Him’ is also true.



After that conversation, whenever an intercultural worker shared at my church, I got this sense of “You’re going to do that one day.” Over time, I talked about this and asked questions with my small group, church leaders, past workers and visiting intercultural workers.



I hadn’t known when I would go, but in January 2019 I attended Strategic Mission Week with Global Interaction. The word “now” was in my head the whole week, so that year I applied and was accepted as a candidate. Later that year I resigned from my teaching job so that I could study at Bible College in 2020.



As well as Bible College in 2020, I began weekly language and culture sessions with a nurturer from South East Asia over Zoom, allowing me to learn and share before I even get there. I am looking forward to meeting her in person when I get to South East Asia (hopefully) next year.


Want to stay on the journey?
Kate is building a partnership team to pray and give so she can serve in South East Asia. Learn more and partner: www.baptistmissionaustralia.org/team-members/kate

How did I get here – Kate
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