Everywhere to Everywhere 3

20 October 2022

On a typical Sunday in Great Britain, there are about one million Anglicans who attend church, but in Nigeria, there are as many as seventeen million Anglicans attending church each week!

Statistics like this help to put into perspective the reality that the western church is not the centre of Christianity and that mission is not from the west to rest, but in fact from everywhere to everywhere.

And our ‘Everywhere to Everywhere’ podcast series is all about exploring this global shift in intercultural mission, and our part in it.

Will you come on the journey with us through this podcast series and beyond?

Everywhere to Everywhere: Episode Three
In episode three, we hear from Ngoc and Mark who are Baptist Mission Australia team members in Indochina.

They are both originally from Indochina, but Ngoc spent most of her life in the US and Mark spent six years in Australia as a student. so they return to serve in Indochina with a unique blend of cultural influences which they explore in the episode.

They also reflect on how they have seen polycentric mission play out in Indochina and the ongoing impact of past mission work in their community. It’s a fascinating listen. Enjoy!

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