Botta and Kirsten

Serving in Cambodia

Kirsten and Botta serve in Cambodia, in a small village of around 100 people. Botta is Cambodian, Kirsten is Australian and their three children are a wonderful mix of both cultures. Oliveya is 12 years old, Amelia is 10 years old and Isaiah is 4 years old.

Botta comes from a Christian family and is a fourth generation believer. His family were miraculously saved by God while they went through the horrors of the Khmer Rouge genocide in the 1970s. Botta has a heart to see people in his country reached with the Gospel as they get to know Jesus, the Light of the world. He is currently serving as the Pastor of a small Cambodian congregation in a village along the Mekong River. His desire is to see Cambodian believers strengthened and empowered in their knowledge and understanding of their faith, and to reach out to others who do not yet know Jesus.

Kirsten was called to Cambodia in 2004 for a short-term mission trip and from then on has had a heart for the people of Cambodia. She served as a Social Worker within a Non-Government Organisation for three years in 2009-2012, where she and Botta met. Kirsten has a heart to see children, young people and families transformed by the message of the Gospel, for healing in relationships, and to be provided with access to holistic support to help people to be all that God intended.

Currently, Kirsten homeschools their children and also provides English Lessons to the local Cambodian children and young people. As a family, they live as a witness to Jesus in their community.

Ministry projects in Cambodia

Learn about how God is using Botta and Kirsten and the team in Cambodia through these life transforming projects.

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