Population: 21 million
Main religions: Christianity (25% evangelical)

Partnering with Baptist Associations in Zambia in a holistic transformation strategy. Joining together in leadership development and training of pastors, as well as funding scholarships to equip leaders.

Despite 87% of the population being Christian, the church in Zambia faces many challenges including spiritual warfare and false prophecy. Many Zambian Christians are led astray by prosperity doctrine and, as such, there is a great need for accurate, scripture-focused teaching in churches.

Baptist Mission Australia began ministry in Zambia in 1969, taking over the work of the South African Baptist Missionary Society, and running ‘mission stations’ in Kafulafuta and Fiwale Hill.

In 1998 the last permanent team member from Baptist Mission Australia left Zambia, however, today partnerships with three church groups continue: Northern Baptist Association of Zambia (Fiwale Hill), Central Baptist Association of Zambia (Kapiri) and Kabwe Bible Institute (Kabwe). An important part of work with these churches is preparing trainers to teach community leaders and pastors.

Baptist Mission Australia also partners with the Central Baptist Association of Zambia and its skills-training program at the recently completed Roger Kemp Institute (RKI) in Kapiri. The RKI offers practical training in carpentry, plumbing, tailoring, computers, mechanics and primary and secondary school. This training enables youth and the unemployed to develop income-generating skills.

We’re also supporting CBAZ as they deliver in-situ, tailored, cost-effective leadership training that supports the train the trainer model and multiplies missional impact.

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