Population: 17 million
Main religions: Christianity (25% evangelical)

Partnering with the Baptist Union of Zimbabwe in a holistic transformation strategy. Joining together in leadership development and training of pastors, as well as funding scholarships to equip leaders.

Churches in Zimbabwe struggle with a lack of good biblical teaching. There is a significant need for contextual theological and mission training for pastors, as most have had no formal training.

Baptist Mission Australia began working in Zimbabwe in the 1980s as a continuation of their work in Zambia. Team members from Baptist Mission Australia partnered with local Zimbabweans to plant churches in cities and regional areas, and youth work was also developed.

Now Baptist Mission Australia is in partnership with the Baptist Union of Zimbabwe (BUZ), training pastors and church leaders for rural churches. Like in many other places, COVID-19 left churches in Zimbabwe virtually empty, however, the BUZ is using the Re-Forma program as a platform for training rural leaders to help reinvigorate churches. They are delivering this training in-situ in a tailored, cost-effective manner that supports the train the trainer model and multiplies missional impact.

We’re also exploring other integral mission partnership opportunities to support impoverished communities.

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