Acts Prayer

20 minutes

This creative prayer idea prays through the book of Acts and explores the journey of the early believers.

As Baptist Mission Australia teams journey with emerging faith communities, they are reminded of the experiences of the emerging faith communities recorded in the book of Acts. Over time, through the prayer of His people, God revealed practical ways new faith communities could adapt to their context, discern God’s will and receive His sustaining power.


Resources needed

  • Print outs of Acts of Prayer PDF accessible to each participant
  • Information on emerging faith communities among the K people, B people, Ethnic Thai and Yawo



  1. Gather into small prayer groups of 3 – 4 people and assign a people group for each prayer group (i.e. K people, B people, Ethnic Thai or Yawo).
  2. Pray for the emerging faith community your group is focussing on as inspired by each Acts reference.

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