Approx 10 - 40 minutes

A starting point in intercultural dialogue is to put ourselves in the ‘sandals’ of the other.

Our intercultural teams seek to understand their local friend’s worldview and beliefs, demonstrating respect and genuine care. In turn, they also share their faith and stories of Jesus. This method of prayer identifies points of connection with people of other faiths.


Insight: The Buddhist Metta Prayer is an intentional prayer of compassion, for good wishes for yourself and others. The prayer petitions for the good things we all naturally desire; first for yourself, then for a close loved one, then radiating out to encompass all sentient beings everywhere.

Using these principles, ask God to reveal Himself afresh to new followers of Jesus within a Buddhist context. Pray for Buddhist people and Buddhist background believers in your community, in Australia, in the communities where our intercultural workers are located and beyond.


Insight: The five daily prayer times for Muslims are Fajr (dawn), Dhuhr (midday) Asr (afternoon) Maghrib (sunset) and Isha (night).

During 8 – 10 November, imagine how God might work through your prayers as you intercede during these five times of prayer. Pray that Jesus will reveal himself to Muslim believers as they pray.


Insight: Followers of traditional tribal religions pray to various spirits as well as to their ancestors. Today many Muslims combine Islam with their tribal origins, using traditional medicines and talismans for protection from witchcraft as well as for healing and seeking good fortune.

Pray for people whose faith is intertwined with animism and tribal traditions. Pray for those in your community, across Australia, in communities where our intercultural workers serve and beyond to be free of spiritual deception.

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