Names of God

Approx 15 - 30 minutes

There is power in a name.

Throughout recorded history, names of God have been revealed to the prophets of various cultures across the world. God’s names can provide us with a small glimpse into His character and His heart.

The following are a few examples of the numerous names given in the Old and New Testament, along with a common English translation:

  • JEHOVAH-RAPHE = The Lord Who Heals (Ex. 15:22-2)
  • JEHOVAH-JIREH = The Lord will Provide. (Gen. 22:14)
  • JEHOVAH TSUR = The Lord my Strength (Ps. 144:1)
  • JEHOVAH BORE = The Lord Creator (Is. 40:28)
  • JEHOVAH-SHALOM = The Lord is Peace (Judges 6:22-24)
  • ELOHIM MISGAB = God my Defense (Ps. 59:17)
  • EL NASA = Forgiving God (Ps. 99:8)
  • EMMANUEL = God is with us (Matt 1:23)


Resources needed

  • Printed signs
  • Blu-Tack
  • Background music



  1. Print off 4 – 8 names of God and place around the room.
  2. Introduce this activity as a time for prayerful contemplation. You may wish to provide background music throughout the session.
  3. Invite people to walk around the room and select a name of God that they resonate with.
  4. Guide people to pray using the name of God they have selected. Invite them to pray for themselves, for each other, for Baptist Mission Australia’s intercultural workers and local believers that they would know the reality of God’s power in their lives.
  5. After a set amount of time, instruct people to rotate and/or walk to another name of God to pray.
  6. Continue as time permits.

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