Approx 15 minutes

Baptist Mission Australia sends out intercultural workers across the world.

You can discover these countries by playing a game of animal sculptionary!


Resources needed

  • Playdough (or other modelling clay)



  1. Explain that one person will be told a secret animal. They have 60 seconds to sculpt this animal out of playdough while others try to guess what it is. The person who guesses correctly will be declared the winner of that round!
  2. After each round, highlight that the animal can be found in the country that Baptist Mission Australia sends workers to. Instruct one child to read out the sentence associated with that country.
  3. Play through multiple rounds while swapping who is sculpting the animal.
  4. Finish by praying together that God would help the people in those countries and give strength to intercultural workers who are sharing the Good News of Jesus.


Objects to sculpt

The Yawo of Malawi and Mozambique – Small groups of Yawo men and women are meeting to explore and discuss God’s stories. Pray that more people will join these gatherings to find out about Jesus.

The K people of the Silk Road Area – The K people are community focused, often opening up their homes to offer hospitality to family and friends. Pray that intercultural workers would be be able to meet safely in their homes.

The B people of South Asia – Festivals in this country often involve folk music and singing spiritual songs in towns and villages. Pray that they would hear the Good News of Jesus and start singing their praise to Him!

The Ethnic Thai of Thailand – It can be challenging for Ethnic Thai people to see how they can follow Jesus without rejecting their culture and community. Pray that they would be able to follow Jesus in ways that make sense to them.

The Khmer of Cambodia – The natural beauty of Cambodia was created by God and provides an opportunity for the team to share with the Khmer about our creator God. Pray that intercultural workers would have courage to share how God created us to have a relationship with Him.

The B.I and S.I people of South East Asia – Within the country, dreams and visions are valued highly and the meaning of dreams are often sought out. Pray that Jesus would reveal himself in dreams to the B.I and S.I people.

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