Prayer Flags

Approx 30 minutes

The use of prayer flags is a Buddhist tradition where prayers and symbols are written on colourful pieces of material and tied outside homes for the wind to take the prayers, messages and thoughts across the country. For many Buddhists, prayer flags are a simple way of ‘making merit’, earning the blessing of Buddha.

As followers of Jesus we know that we do not need to make merit because of what He did for us on the cross. You can create your own prayer flags, not to earn merit, but to serve as a reminder to pray for people in Buddhist communities. Pray that those who are to searching for meaning and salvation in a cycle of merit making would discover the grace and love of Jesus Christ.


Resources needed

  • Various pieces of paper, cardboard or material in different colours (traditionally white, green, yellow, red and blue) and sizes
  • Thick string, ribbon or wire
  • Pegs



  1. Tie the string ribbon or wire between two or more trees or poles.
  2. Use the least-reached people group PowerPoint to share about the thousands of people groups that have not heard the message of Jesus due to cultural, linguistic or political barriers.
  3. Invite people to write or draw their prayers on a piece of material. Include prayers for the work of Baptist Mission Australia team members and for more people to work amongst these groups.
  4. Ask people to peg their material to the string in an act of prayer.
  5. Allow time for everyone to read, reflect and join in the prayers of others in the group.

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