Prayer Spaces

Approx 30 minutes

​It is common practice in western culture to pray out loud in groups, one at a time. However in other cultures prayer can take on a very different look. Prayer stations are a great opportunity for people to step out of their comfort zone and practice praying in a different way. Participants can move around from station to station over a period of time to experience different ways of praying, all with the same focus.


Resources needed

  • Information, stories and facts about least-reached people groups
  • Prayer needs



Here are some examples of possible prayer spaces:

Contemplative Prayer – Developed through monastic practices this will involve a quiet space with some soft, reflective music in the background. There is no talking but a focus on silence and inner conversation with God.

Expressive Prayer – This will be a noisier space, often seen in Asian and African Cultures, allowing people to move about freely, kneel, lie prostrate or express themselves through songs, instruments or verbal prayer at the same time.

Meditative Prayer – Using scripture, participants find messages that relate to the theme of justice and the least-reached, and meditate over them, this can be done silently or out loud.

Creative Prayer – Participants can express their prayers through different art mediums and place them up on a board for everyone to see and be inspired by. This could include painting, poetry or written prayers.

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