Prayer Trees

Approx 15 minutes

Coming together to pray as a community and putting action and images to those prayers can be very powerful. Creating a prayer tree is a wonderful way to unite in prayer for the least-reached and can become a lasting reminder of your community’s commitment.


Resources needed

  • Prayer points and information on least-reached people groups (
  • An assortment of large sticks or branches found in your local area
  • A large pot or bucket (may need some sand or soil also to hold the branches in place)
  • String
  • Pieces of paper with holes punched in them (could be in the shape of leaves)
  • Pens and pencils



  1. Gather the sticks and or branches from your local area and place in a pot and tie with string to create a tree.
  2. Place the ‘tree’ in a place that is accessible. At a specific time during the gathering or service use the PowerPoint or prayer points provided to give people gathered information about least-reached people groups.
  3. Ask people to come forward in response to the least-reached people group information and write prayers on the pieces of paper and using the string tie them to the branches. The tree will grow and develop as your small group or faith community comes together in prayer for the least-reached.

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