Serving in the Silk Road Area

Suzanne is an intercultural team member serving in the Silk Road Area. She grew up in country South Australia with a keen love for learning and for God. After fully submitting the course of her life to God during a Christian camp in 2010, God gave her a passion for teaching and intercultural service.

She began a process of discernment, seeking to partner with the work God is already doing in areas that are the least resourced and reached.

Suzanne has worked in a rural Christian school since 2018 with the daily privilege of sharing with her students the joy and wonder of learning more about God’s creation, mission, and character. She brings her teaching and TESOL skills to the Silk Road team, with a desire to support others in their discernment of what it means for them to follow Jesus in culturally distinctive ways.

Suzanne is currently serving on the Silk Road team, learn the culture and language, so she can create long-lasting relationships with the K people, and walk beside emerging faith communities, as together they are transformed into Christ’s likeness.

Through their day-to-day life, Jean-Claude and Joyce are engaging with people wholistically, responding to their spiritual and physical needs.

Jean-Claude and Joyce share a passionate love for God and people and desire to see the Yawo follow Jesus within their cultural context. They are building relationships with their Yawo neighbours and investing in their culture and language learning with a local language nurturer so they can effectively communicate with their Yawo friends.

They are grateful for the prayers and financial support they receive as they actively seek to build meaningful relationships amongst the Yawo and see communities transformed as they follow Jesus in ways that make sense to them.

Ministry projects in the Silk Road Area

Learn about how God is using Suzanne and the team in the Silk Road Area through these life transforming projects.

Partner with Suzanne and share the good news of Jesus in the Silk Road Area.

Your gifts will help fund their living and ministry costs. These include:
Children’s Education $3,000
Health $2,000
Travel $10,000
Culture and Language learning $5,000

Please note:
Gifts to Jean-Claude and Joyce are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

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