Ryan and Suzie

Serving in South Asia

Ryan and Suzie discovered a shared interest in global mission at university where they first met and trained as physiotherapists. Their particular interest in the B people grew some ten years later when serving in pastoral ministry at Kyneton Baptist Church.

During this time, they facilitated numerous church group visits to South Asia and became familiar with the work among the B people. This ongoing interest then grew to become a sense of call.

Ryan and Suzie have a deep conviction that the good news of Jesus is for all people. As the team leader, Ryan has been serving with the team for the past three years on a fly-in-fly-out basis to encourage the increasing number of believers and faith communities.

In early 2024, Ryan and Suzie are relocating to South Asia to commence their next term. As they grow their understanding of the culture and language, they look forward to deepening relationships with the people around them and learning how to share their life and their faith in this context.

Suzie’s expertise as a paediatric physiotherapist is highly valued in supporting some of the most vulnerable people in this part of the world. Your prayerful and financial partnership is enabling them share God’s love through word and deed. Thank you.

Ministry projects in South Asia

Learn about how God is using Suzie, Ryan and the team in South Asia through these life transforming projects.

Partner with Ryan and Susie and share the good news of Jesus in South Asia.

Your gifts will help fund their living and ministry costs. These include:
Children’s Education $3,000
Health $2,000
Travel $10,000
Culture and Language learning $5,000

Please note:
Gifts to Jean-Claude and Joyce are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

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