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Ministry in South Asia

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18/3/22 – We are excited to share that over 80 individual Biblical and practical lessons were designed and completed for online courses, now accessible in the local language. Weekly Bible studies are even using some of this produced material. The local team continues to prepare more Biblical courses and Education courses to support the NGO project work.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tragic but some positives have emerged. One of the positives is the potential for the use of online communication.

Baptist Mission Australia staff have the relational foundation that makes online communication effective.

This project aims to place the newest appropriate version of the Scripture, Old and New Testament online, not only on a website but also on an App. The project will also produce written, video and audio communication through the establishment of a dedicated studio, which will be set up in a secure location.

The latter is very important as it allows freedom of production. The project will utilise these resources to also write and conduct discipleship and Bible study intensives in a dedicated and secure interactive classroom. The intensives will be both online and face-to-face when international travel is possible again in the future.

Through their day-to-day life, Jean-Claude and Joyce are engaging with people wholistically, responding to their spiritual and physical needs.

It is Jan and Jit’s desire to see each person develop as an individual,
learn new skills and move towards their potential for interdependent
and independent living.

Through this work they seek to partner with churches to see the
Christian community develop a sense of responsibility towards those
in need in their communities.

This project covers the costs of running disability group activities
in rural areas, the purchase of specialised equipment to improve
quality of life and provide the needs of the team travelling and
empowering people with disabilities in this Thai/Myanmar border

This project has the potential to share the Biblical message with a vast number of people as well as provide in-depth discipleship to a believing community in a difficult environment. It will enable 21st century technology to facilitate the communication of the greatest message of all time.

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