Graeme and Pat – Continuing The Relationship

Ministry in South Asia

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Graeme and Pat are passionate about continuing their relationships with local B people through offering skills training at our partner NGO.

Although they are now based in Australia, Graeme and Pat are committed to returning to South Asia at least once a year for up to four weeks (limited by visas) to provide valuable training.

During their visits, Graeme continues the mechanical training and driving school work he began, providing encouragement and extra support to the current driving instructor as well as helping with building maintenance wherever needed. Pat continues English teaching and provides support in other vocational projects. As there is currently only one team member permanently on the ground, Graeme and Pat’s time in South Asia is invaluable to the team. This project covers the practical, but necessary, aspects of the trips to South Asia.

Through their day-to-day life, Jean-Claude and Joyce are engaging with people wholistically, responding to their spiritual and physical needs.

It is Jan and Jit’s desire to see each person develop as an individual,
learn new skills and move towards their potential for interdependent
and independent living.

Through this work they seek to partner with churches to see the
Christian community develop a sense of responsibility towards those
in need in their communities.

This project covers the costs of running disability group activities
in rural areas, the purchase of specialised equipment to improve
quality of life and provide the needs of the team travelling and
empowering people with disabilities in this Thai/Myanmar border

Partnering with this project provides specialised practical support for B people and greater support for the team as they work to wholistically improve the lives of individuals, families and communities.

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